19 January 2018

LGC flies again

Ex Great Barrier Airlines' BN Trislander ZK-LGC is flying again having been cancelled from the register in June 2016...

ZK-LGC at North Shore on 12 March 2013

It is now flying for Roraima Airways in Guyana, South America as 8R-GRE. Photo by Gerry Gouveia on the ‎Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society Facebook page


  1. That's quite a jump. Curious as to the how?

  2. All 3 crated up about 18mths ago

  3. When LGC came to GBA it was ferried from England to NZ. Something like 14 days to make the trip

  4. LGF (Red one) was purchased from Port Angeles (WA USA) and flown EAST via Europe by GBA owner at the time, another pilot and engineer. I think took about 3 weeks