24 July 2019

Interested in buying a Metroliner???

For sale on Trade Me is ex Eagle Air/Air New Zealand Metroliner ZK-OAA...

The listing says, Saved from the scrap heap, I turned it into a play house/sleep out for me kids, they’ve had tonnes of fun in it over the years, but their teenagers now so don’t play in it anymore. 
Time for some new kiddies to have some fun with it.  It’ll make the ultimate gate guardian, lawn ornament, or advertisement billboard.. what ever you want to do with it really.  Best thing about it, it’s quite cheap to transport compared to bigger aircraft, DC3s and the like. A reasonable Hiab truck can lift it onto a 40ft semi trailer, roll the fuselage over slightly and the tail sits at about 4.8 meters, which clears power lines easy. You only need a single pilot vehicle and a permit for over height/over size and off you go. It lifts off the wings, so you shift the fuselage first, sit it down on the ground, go back and shift the wings, no pilot needed for them, then sit the wings back on the chassis I built, and then lift the fuselage back on an bolt it back in place... set... : )  

In happier days, the first Eagle aircraft to appear in new Pacific Wave colour scheme was Metroliner ZK-OAA seen here at Christchurch on 10 March 1998. This positioning of the titles and Pacific Wave on the nose was unique to ZK-OAA and ZK-PBA and it was only worn for a brief time.

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  1. Mate I wanted to show you where it is when you next come to Taupo. It's on BROADLANDS road. If you are heading north from Taupo, it's just before a road called river road