24 July 2019

Soap Opera

UPDATED 24 July 2019

The website now has a 27 September restart up date

On Monday the restart date was 2 August 2019... now it is 16 August.

I wonder, is Originair actually taking bookings???

If they are surely there is an ethical issue taking people's money and then not operating? If the delay was a oncer it is a different matter but the delay in restarting operations hasn't happened once... it has happened repeatedly since December last year!


  1. Says it all really .....

  2. Originair started off well, but it's reached the point that we don't bother even considering them anymore. If we need to get to Nelson we'll fly to Paraparaumu or even Wellington instead.
    The routes from Nelson to Palmerston North would be a good one for Sounds Air if they wanted to expand - goodness knows Palmy could do with a reliable operator!

    1. Given it has taken so long for Originair to get airborne I am surprised Sounds Air have not moved to take over NSN-PMR. I am also somewhat surprised they haven't done more with PPQ.

    2. The schedule for PPQ-NSN is strange. Only Friday you can return the same day, unless you get an immediate return. It seems targeted at long get aways more than anything.

      Should really almost be a daily schedule, almost always full when I see them arriving at PPQ

    3. air2there ran a PPQ-BHE-NSN-PPQ triangle and that seemed to be regularly full

    4. Yes, air2there were doing quite well on that triangle run, even when S8 started services. Seems everything went wrong when the Jetstreams came in to place, probably just a co-incidence, but still happened around same time for them.

    5. Does make you wonder if there is something in the pipeline as sounds got some... extra... pc12...? Or where they just replacements?

      Wonder if sounds are just waiting and seeing what's happening and if origin don't get this working then sounds will fill the gap... be perfect with the pc12s and a business orientated focus.

  3. Considering too, those new pc12s that they have

  4. That's a big jump for the pushback of the start date. Anyone reckon they'll manage to get the delayed start up date to December, I.E. a year?