31 July 2019

Research in Progress

I am currently working on two airline profiles and need some information as detailed...

Air Hamilton ran an air service between Hamilton and New Plymouth with Piper Seneca ZK-EQA. In November 1983 the company was sold to Chris and Gloria Bowden and I am after any information on Air Hamilton after that date, in particular or a lead as to who I can contact who might know...

  • When did the air service end???
  • When did the company cease operating???
  • What aircraft used on the air service to New Plymouth and air taxi service to Tauranga???

I am in the early stages of putting together something on Hercules Airlines who operated 3 Bristol Freighters in the mid 1980s. Nothing much has been written about this airline but there must be pilots around who can give me some info in particular...

  • Did they operate a regular freight service and if so on what routes???
  • Any information on start and finish dates
  • Any information on freight charter work the company operated.

If you can help with any info on these operations please email me at westland831@gmail.com



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