04 August 2020

What domestic Air NZ route hasn't restarted yet?

If you answered the question Hamilton-Palmerston North-Wellington you are correct... I'm not sure if that is the only route not operating yet. And I presume this is the reason Originair's BAe Jetstream 31 ZK-JSH was in Hamilton today have flown Nelson-Palmerston North-Hamilton. It has now returned to Palmerston North. Perhaps doing a charter? Or is something else happening?

Originair BAe Jetstream 31 ZK-JSH at Hamilton on 4 August 2020

Pacific Aerospace ZK-KEO at Hamilton on 4 August 2020 - perhaps ready for delivery???


  1. They might wait for demand to pick up before they reinstate the WLG-PMR-HLZ service,

  2. Hmmm. IIRC this service ran in late (am) / early (pm) peak service time. There are still a bunch of Dash 8s not flying so some peak time services have to be being not flown.
    Look at WLG - BHE as another peak time missing example - yes, Air NZ are flying around 3 times a day but the peak lucrative commuter time flights are largely missing and Sounds Air presumably doing rather well out of filling the gap.
    Are there other peak time holes in your neck of the woods? Who's filling the gap?