16 April 2023

Committed to Preserving Aviation History


The Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand has been in existence since 1958 and it turns 65 this year.

Over the last 65 years it has recorded the history and current events of aviation in New Zealand in its journals and other publications. But more than that it has inspired others to record what's happening today and ensure this is preserved for it is tomorrows history.

In our digital age it is going to be really easy to lose our history as computers die or memory sticks fail and social media platforms are replaced.

Normally 65 is the age for retirement in New Zealand. But the AHSNZ can't be allowed to retire or its continuing work to preserve our aviation history to be lost. Often the museums are interested more in the like of aircraft rather than the recording of details.

If you have a passion for the aviation scene in New Zealand, both civil and military, and are interested in ensuring its history be preserved can I suggest you need to join the AHSNZ. It costs $60 per annum for people in New Zealand so its not a huge amount. You get some great publications and emailed publications. And the Society is working on a new website that will have good resources for members.

But more than that it gives the opportunity for people to present their own stories and photos in a forum where the history will be preserved. 

A copy of the application form can be found below. For more inquiries email the amazing Ron Ark, ron.ark@xtra.co.nz

Ron Ark wrote recently, "As at 31st March 2023, the society membership stands at 190 paid up members, we thank you all for your continuing support. I would encourage all members, where possible, to try and introduce at least one new member to the society ranks over the next 12 months. This will ensure that the momentum that we presently have, can continue and we can secure our future for years to come."


  1. Thanks for sharing Steve. Will definitely get onto joining, as they do fantastic work, and their work must be supported as much as possible! :)

  2. Whole heartedly agree. Hard to believe there are so few members… plenty of aviation nuts out there! Come on guys, join the Society: the journal and emag are both great.. and are always looking for stories and photos.