20 April 2023

Wellington-Palmy flights

A couple of people have pointed out to me that Originair is operating flights between Palmerston North and Wellington.

Checking Originair's new timetable on their website I found a couple of sectors each week between Wellington and Palmerston North. On Monday and Wednesday mornings a Jetstream operates Nelson-Wellington-Palmerston North in the mornings. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons a Jetstream operates Palmerston North-Wellington-Nelson in the afternoons. This effectively adds additional seats between Nelson and Palmerston North and fills flights to Wellington that might not be so full.

The airline is also operating 8 direct flights between Nelson and Palmerston North each week and 12 flights between Nelson and Wellington each week. Flights between Hamilton and Palmerston North remain at three a week and these remain totally unsuitable for business traffic. Considering Air New Zealand was operating two Q300s on this route each week day at peak times with the vast majority of passengers flying between the two centres this route remains a real opportunity.


  1. I predicted that Originair was going to take on WLG-PMR back in 2021

    1. PMR-WLG is a route that will never work for Originair. Mark my words, it will not last. Without any interline connections ect. the route is doomed to fail.

      With Transmission Gully now open, slashing travel times, and the Capital Connection Train still making the trip, there are far better and cheaper options to get between the two cities.

      Taking into account Check In Time, flight time, and then travel from WLG into the CBD, it would almost be quicker to drive directly between the two.

      Origin are almost sabotaging the HLZ-PMR route, which has been a proven route for many years, and yet Origin continue to run a schedule which is atrocious. Let alone NPE!

  2. Aaaaand just like that, Origin are no longer flying direct between WLG and PMR. Were any flights even operated?