04 April 2023

Texel Airborne


Texel Air began Auckland-Christchurch-Auckland services overnight with Boeing 737-33A(SF) A9C-APC operating two return services, XLR 73 southbound and XLR 74 northbound, both departing on 3 April 2023 and XLR 77 and XLR 78 operating in the early hours of 4 April 2023. 

Texel Air's Boeing 737-300 A9C-APC at Auckland on 4 April 2023

These flights, with the associated flight numbers, are the same as Parcelair's so now I am really confused about what's going on. 


  1. It's doing some flights for parcel air. Some of the airwork machines are due checks i believe.

  2. Considering Parcelair was also originally contracted to both NZ Post and Freightways (of which Texel now has contracts for), something's fishy.

    1. I wonder if Texel Air has better dispatch reliability than Airwork.