01 April 2010

Air Albatross Memories...

I only one experience of flying Air Albatross and it was purely my chance. Six of us from work were flying from Hokitika to Wellington in Coast Air’s Cessna 207 for a course when we were diverted into Nelson due to Wellington being closed to VFR operations. The next commercial flight was Air Albatross and we took the last six seats. I managed to get the front row which, in those early days of small turboprops was quite exciting. In Wellington a howling southerly greeted us and the plane floated down the length of the runway, the plane at an incredible angle as the pilot tried to stop it flying and stall it on the ground, wrestling with the controls and saying, “Get down ya bitch, get down ya bitch!” We used the last taxiway!

I am trying to establish this blogspot as a forum to record the history all New Zealand’s third level operations so that the history of these operations is not lost. Can you help with any more information or stories on Air Albatross or any other New Zealand third level/regiona/commuter airline please write a comment below or e-mail me at westland831@gmail.com  


  1. I traveled on Air Albatross once in 1985. It made the hair on my arms stand up. Would love someone to write the Wikipedia page of this former airline.

  2. It's on my radar to do a post on Air Albatross... it will probably be next year