23 April 2010

FlyDirect - Change of Timetable and Aircraft...

I notice on the FlyDirect website a change of timetable as detailed below. Changes include Wellington getting 7 flights a week instead of 10 and Christchurch similarly having three flights per week cut from their schedule. The big change however is that the timetable can now be operated with one aircraft. The website says, "Our aircraft providers operate a 40-seat aircraft on our routes to Wanaka from Wellington and Christchurch" so it looks as if the Air Chathams Convair is getting the flick in favour of Vincent's Dash 8.

Flight Schedule - July 1 - October 5 2010

Flight Departs Arrives Frequency

Christchurch – Wanaka
FD101 1000 1045 Daily
FD107 1600 1645 Daily

Wanaka – Christchurch
FD102 0845 0930 Daily
FD108 1445 1530 Daily

Wellington – Wanaka
FD201 0645 0810 Daily

Wanaka – Wellington
FD202 1715 1840 Daily

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