11 April 2010

New Zealand's Internal Airlines - Part 3 "H-P"

This is the second installment of Bruce Gavin's list of New Zealand's internal airlines (for the earlier installments see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/04/new-zealands-internal-airlines-part-1.html and http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/04/new-zealands-internal-airlines-part-2-b.html)... Please search your memory for operators from your area in New Zealand or who you flew with or worked for... if there are any corrections, additions, information, stories or photos relevant to these airlines please write a comment or e-mail me at westland831@gmail.com

Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club
Helicopters (NZ) Ltd
Heli-Taxis (operated by Heli-Taxis Ltd)

Hercules Airlines (operated by Hercules Airlines Ltd)
Island Air Charter (operated by Adventure Aviation Ltd)
Island Air Charter (operated by Paul D. Ensor)
Island Air Charter (operated by Sunair Aviation Ltd0
Island Air Safaris (operated by Motiti Island Air Ltd)
Island Air Services

James Air (operated by James Aviation Ltd)
James Aviation (Rotorua) Ltd

Jensen Air (operated by Niel Jensen and Son Ltd)
Karamea Heaphy Air Charter Ltd
The) Kaitaia Airways also known as Kaitaia Air Service (operated by Air Survey and Transport Co Ltd)

Kiwi Shuttle (operated by Kiwi Travel International Airlines Ltd)

Kiwi West Aviation Ltd

Lakeair (operated by Lakeland Aviation Ltd)
Lake Taupo Airways Ltd (successor to Taupo Air Services)

Mainland Air (operated by Mainland Air Services Ltd)

Mercury Airlines (operated by Mercury Bay Aero Club)
Mercury Bay Aero Club (later operated as Mercury Airlines)

Midland Air Services (operated by Middle Districts Aero Club)

Midland Air Services Ltd

Mid North Air (operated by E.L. and J.A. Mortensen)

Milford Sounds Flights (operated by Milford Sounds Flights Ltd)
Milford Sounds Flightseeing (operated by Milford Sounds Flightseeing Ltd)
Milford Sounds Scenic Flights Ltd
Milford Sounds Scenic Flights (operated by Waterwings Airways (Te Anau) Ltd and later by Milford Sounds Scenic Flights Ltd)
Motor Holdings (Air Services) Ltd
Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd

Motueka Air Ltd
Motueka Air Services (operated by Associated Aviation (Motueka) Ltd)

Mountain Air (operated by Commercial Helicopters Ltd)

Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd
Mount Cook Airline (operated by Air New Zealand Ltd)
Mount Cook Airlines (operated by Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd and later Air New Zealand Ltd)
Mount Cook Air Services Ltd
National Air Freighters (NZ) Ltd

Nationwide Air (operated by Nationwide Air Akarana Ltd, Nationwide Air Ltd and Nationwide Air International Ltd)

Nationwide Air Taxis (operated by Nationwide Air Charter (NP) Ltd)
N.B. McDonald Services Ltd

Nelson Aero Club

Newmans Air (operated by Newmans Airways Ltd)

New Zealand National Airways Corporation (operated as NAC, NZNAC and National Airways)
New Zealand Tourist Air Travel Ltd (operated as TAT and NZTAT)

Northern Air (operated by North Island Air Services Ltd)
Northern Airways (operated by Executive Air Travel (NZ) Ltd a subsidiary of Auckland Flying School Ltd)

Northern Commuter Airlines Ltd (also operated as Tranzair)

Northland Airways (operated by Rent-A-Plane Services (NZ) Ltd)
Northland Airways (Air Taxi) Service (operated by Executive Air Travel (NZ) Ltd)
Northland Districts Aero Club (also operated as Executive Air Services and Whangarei Air Taxi)
North Shore Aero Club
Northsouth Aviation Ltd
Northwest Airlines Ltd

NZ Air Charter (operated by Auckland Aero Club)

NZ Air Services Ltd
NZ Flying School (operated by Walsh Bros and Dexter Ltd)

Origin Pacific Airways Ltd
Otago Aero Club
Outdoor Aviation Ltd (later Skyferry Ltd)

Pacific Blue (operated by Pacific Blue Airlines (NZ) Ltd)

Pacifica Air (operated by Pacifica Shipping ((1985) Ltd)
Parakai Aviation Ltd
Pegasus Aviation Ltd (operated by Tauranga Aero Club)
Peninsula Air Travel Ltd
Peninsula Air Travel Service (operated by Auckland Flying School Ltd)
Petersen Air Services (operated by Petersen Aviaton Ltd)
Petersen Aviation Ltd (operated as Petersen Air Services)

Phoenix Airways

Pine Air Ltd
Port Hutt Air (operated by Yellow Fin Holdings Ltd)

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