22 July 2010

Jetstar to do training at Matamata???

No, Jetstar Airbus 320s are not going to be seen in the Matamata circuit... CTC Aviation which recently announced a new cadet scheme with Jetstar is having a dispute with Airways Corporation over fees for their training operations at Hamilton International Airport. CTC is interested in using the likes of Matamata or Whakatane to offer a cheaper option for their training. However, the story did make for an exciting photo for the cover of the local paper, the Matamata Chronicle.

In the past Matamata has had various operators offering non-scheduled services including SPANZ, Geyserland Airways and Air North. Air North's air service was the last, ending in the late 1970s.

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  1. Back in the mists of time the Piako Aero Club at Matamata were legally the operators of the Skybus Vickers Viscount ZK-SKY.