01 July 2010

Refunds for out of pocket flyDirect Customers

Source : http://www.thewanakasun.co.nz/documents/wanakasun459.pdf

Customers who booked flights with the failed charter airline flyDirect have been promised they will get their money back. Former candidate in the television series, Apprentice New Zealand, Chris Whiteside has purchased the flyDirect website from the liquidators. The airline was due to begin operating services between Wanaka, Christchurch and Wellington on July I, but just one week before the first flight the plug was pulled. A lack of sufficient sales to cover forward commitments were blamed for the failure of flyDirect. It’s understood around 500 people who booked with the company are out of pocket to the tune of $120,000. Many of them were people living in Wanaka. Now, Chris Whiteside is running a travel booking service using the website flyDirect.co.nz and says he will donate all booking commission income to the customers who lost money. “I promise every cent of income from the first year of operation will be given to jilted passengers,” Chris Whiteside said. “Hopefully this gesture will help some people out and get them a portion of their holiday money back,” he added.

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  1. "get them a portion of their holiday money back" is quite different from "get them their money back"