17 July 2010

Origin Pacific colour scheme disappearing...

Noted at Auckland Airport this morning, but not photographed, was Airwork's Fairchild SA227-CC Metroliner III ZK-POF in an all white colour scheme. I captured it landing in Auckland on the 25th of May 2010 sporting a white nose...


  1. Just saw a Metro in Palmerston North matching your 25th May photo. Perhaps you saw ZK-POB or POE in white? Also the CAA database lists POF as being with Airwork/Airpost since it arrived in NZ in 1994. Not sure of the Origin regos if any.

  2. Both POE and POF were operated by Origin Pacific in full Origin Pacific colours. Suspect you saw POE... The Chch Press of 12 May 1999 reported that Origin Pacific had entered a strategic alliance with Airwork NZ Ltd to allow a further expansion of its services to New Plymouth and Hamilton. I photographed both aircraft with Origin titles and colours soon after