17 May 2011

A Couple of Bits and Pieces

Cessna 172N, ZK-TAB, which was used by Air Discovery for its flights to Motiti Island is being operated by Sunair. Does anyone know if Sunair has picked up Air Discovery's service to Motiti Island?

ZK-TAB in its previous guise with Air Discovery on 1 September 2009. Photo : S Lowe

Noted while doing a drive by at North Shore today was Great Barrier Airlines BN Islander ZK-REA. It too has lost its bird on the tail and has a while tail awaiting the current logo to be afixed.

The Kotare has flown. The now white-tailed ZK-REA taxiing to fly at Auckland on 21 June 2008. Photo : S Lowe

1 comment:

  1. I would imagine that SunAir have picked up the Air Discovery service, as SunAir have taken over doing the training for Tauranga Aero Club from Air Discovery following Air Discovery's move to Auckland.