04 May 2011

Turkeys Can Fly

NZ Herald 19 Dec 1966 – 80 Year Olds Fly on New Plane Service

The new amphibian plane service between Auckland and the Bay of Islands had made a successful beginning, Capt F P Ladd said on Saturday. The flight was fully booked and maong the passengers were 83-year-old Mrs F Green who disembarked at Russell and 82- year-old Mrs G Buttle of Auckland, who has flown many times with Capt Ladd. The Plane delivered six turkeys to Oraukawa Bay besides carrying other freight. Flights northward will be made on Fridays and Wednesdays and southern flights on Sundays and Wednesdays.

I found this article while researching for my next series of posts on operators that have flown scheduled services to Great Barrier Island. I have yet to go there so have no photos of aircraft on the Island... if any one could help with information, photos, stories etc to help with the posts I would love to hear from you at westland831@gmail.com - 
Thanks, Steve

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