25 May 2011

Sunair-Tauranga Aero Club Partnership

Western Bay of Plenty aviation enthusiasts will be able to soar among the clouds thanks to a partnership between Tauranga Aero Club and local flight training organisation Sunair Aviation. Tauranga Aero Club's previous partner, Air Discovery, relocated to Auckland last month. To operate, the club needs an air transport certificate but they do not have one. Tauranga Aero Club president David Campbell approached a number of local operators but said Tauranga-based Sunair Aviation were best suited for the job. The partnership between the two organisations was finalised at the beginning of this month. "[This partnership] means we can continue to provide ongoing services, carry on with everything we do, such as coastguard search and rescue exercises, but it also offers the path for aspiring pilots to become directly involved with an airline. "We can also offer flight training, private pilot's and commercial pilot's licences, multi-engine and instrument ratings," Mr Campbell said. Tauranga-based Sunair Aviation operates a fleet of nine twin-engine aeroplanes between 10 provincial cities in New Zealand. The company, privately owned by Tauranga couple Daniel and Bev Power, began operating 23 years ago. Mrs Power said the staff at Sunair Aviation were excited about the opportunity to work with Tauranga Aero Club in a mutually beneficial relationship. "The advantages are quite significant for their staff and the flight training cadets and this will give pilots at the Aero Club the opportunity to get involved with Sunair Aviation for airline jobs. "Tauranga Aero Club will provide the training to pilots and once they've reached their required flying hours, they can potentially proceed with our aircraft, as they will already have experience within the company," Mrs Power said. "It's a win-win situation for both of us. "It's really good to have the Aero Club on board... it is early days but we don't foresee any problems and we're looking forward to what this partnership will bring."

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