11 September 2011

Ardmore Air Charter - Simply the Best Way to Fly to the Barrier


Ardmore Air Charter was an off shoot of the Ardmore Flying School, which was owned and directed by Liz Needham and Pete Roe. In September 1984 the Auckland Aero Club's NZ Air Charter withdrew its service to and from both Ardmore and Mangere and Great Barrier Island. Responding to a need perceived by some islanders Ardmore Air Charter introduced a twice daily Ardmore-Great Barrier Island "no frills, professional service.”

Initially Partenavia P68B ZK-LAL (c/n 70) was used for the service with the Ardmore Flying School's other twin-engined aircraft being used for backup.

Ardmore Air Services Partenavia P68B, ZK-LAL, taken at Ardmore.

From December 1984, in an attempt to keep fares down in the face of increasing fuel prices, the company, while preferring to use twin-engined aircraft, also used single-engined aircraft on the route. At this stage it as also announced that all flights would operate on a demand basis with a minimum of two confirmed full fares required.

One of many single engined aircraft Ardmore Air Charter operated, Cessna 172 ZK-EJQ at Ardmore on 23 May 1988.

The service initially looked quite promising, however, the business did not grow. The service was last advertised in the Barrier Bulletin in the June July issue of 1985 and in the Southern Cross Airways timetable of 28 October 1985. The service presumably ended at the same time as the Southern Cross Airways service in either late 1985 or early 1986.

An advertising comparison... In the NZ Herald on 1 June 1985, and...
...the last advert in the Barrier Bulletin, while it was still being produced on a Gestetner machine, in June-July 1985. 
The last advertising of the service, in the Southern Cross Airways timetable of 28 October 1985.

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