12 December 2012

Aztec #10 for Sunair

How many Aztecs does Sunair need? Apparently 10 - This week Piper Pa23-250 Aztec F ZK-ECM (c/n 27-8154001) was added to their fleet. This Aztec was previously operated by Air National before passing to Air National's owner, Ian Gray.
Over the years Sunair has operated eleven Aztecs;
ZK-DGS (c/n 27-7304959)
ZK-DIR (c/n 27-4242)
ZK-ECM (c/n 27-8154001)
ZK-ERM (c/n 27-7405435)
ZK-EVP (c/n 27-8054053)
ZK-FHO (c/n 27-4585)
ZK-FVP (c/n 27-7854096)
ZK-MTY (c/n 27-7654137)
ZK-PIW (c/n 27-7305089)
ZK-PIX (c/n 27-4738)
ZK-TDM (c/n 27-7754045)
ZK-FHO was cancelled from the register as “destroyed” on 28 July 2010 
Sunair's 10th Piper Aztec, taken at Auckland on 10 October 2008 where operated by Air National. Photo : S Lowe

This post was only possible due to the CAA Register being restored, albieit from what I understand, temporarily.

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  1. sad part about fho it was only a minor woopsie a nose wheel,must have decided to part her out instead