14 December 2012

Remote Adventures in two Cessna 185s

For some weeks now I have seen the following ad appearing in the Golden Bay Weekly and I wondered who is this Mitt???

All is now revealed in the register updates that Cessna 185A ZK-MIT (c/n 185-0504), which was previously ZK-SOW and ZK-CVF has joined Cessna 185 ZK-CKO in the Remote Adventures' stable. Remote Adventures no longer operate a scheduled service but in the past they have run regular services between Takaka and Nelson and Takaka and Paraparaumu.

Then, yesterday's Golden Bay Weekly had the following...

Jim Larsen from Remote Adventures first flew in a Tiger moth in 1951 or 1952, and he says he knew right away that flying was for him. Sixty years later he is still running Remote Adventures with the trusty cessna 185 he has owned for 40 years but, starting this season, he has the professional assistance of Mitford (Mit) Brererton. “I had heart surgery and, while I was recuperating I notified Civil Aviation Authority that my medicals wouldn’t be current. They stood me down but I hope to be flying again in three or four months. I’ve had 60-odd years of trouble-free flying. I advertised for a pilot and was lucky enough to get Mit.” Mit knew about Remote Adventures because his family, who come from Feilding, have been holidaying at Ligar Bay for a number of years. His family is immersed in aviation. Dad is an air traffic controller at Ohakea and between them they own a several aircraft - a Piper Cherokee, a 1946 Auster, an ex-RNZAF Harvard and two de Havilland Devons. Mit, a flying instructor and professional pilot, had recently returned from overseas where he had been doing low-level airborne investigation for mining and oil companies. He has flown in 26 different countries in that role. “I’ve got 300-400 hours flying at 65 feet. In Canada we were looking for diamonds, using sensors mounted on the back of the plane.” Mit says he will be running Jim’s business with the express aim of “keeping Jim proud”. “The name will remain the same for this season but next year we’ll change it to Adventure Flights Golden Bay so that the name will help publicise the Bay.” If the Takaka aerodrome gets the development work that has already been the subject of submissions to TDC by Golden Bay air and other interested parties, Mit says he will be in an ideal position to expand the business.

There is a photo of Jim and Mit at http://gbweekly.co.nz/uncategorized/friday-14th-december-2012/

For more on Remote Adventures see...
PS - If anyone has a close up picture of the logo on the tail of ZK-CKO could they send it to me at westland831@gmail.com      Cheers, Steve

This post was only possible due to the CAA Register being restored, albieit from what I understand, temporarily.


  1. Cheers Mit! If you are interested and would like to send a photo of ZK-MIT through I'll post it on the blog. Steve - westland831@yahoo.co.nz

  2. Hi Steve, here is a link to a pic of MIT, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=469238756473253&set=a.313962382000892.79091.293601387370325&type=3&theater feel free to like us as well...
    Cheers Mit