01 February 2013

Grunt Machines - Cessna 180/185s at Wings over Wairarapa

While the main focus of Wings over Wairarapa was the warbirds I was also pleased to catch up on quite a lot of general aviation aircraft... The following were taken at Masterton on the 19th of January 2013

On its way home, Cessna 180 ZK-CBH.

Cessna A185F ZK-DPE is operated by Hokitika's Wilderness Wings. 

Cessna 180J ZK-DXW on thre take off roll

Another Cessna 180, this time a K model ZK-EYH gets airborne

And yet another 180, Cessna 180J ZK-FPC - not sure about the spats...

Cessna 185C ZK-JHS - for those who think the ZK- should be always displayed

Cessna A185E ZK-LJG heading home to Wanganui

Newly re-registered Cessna 185A ZK-MIT is operated by Remote Adventures from Takaka

Cessna 180H ZK-PKD arrives  -  next time I want a bigger zoom
Cessna 180D ZK-RJH on take off

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  1. mentioned the spats to the owner, eh Dave, bit naff