01 February 2013


Notice anything different about ZK-DLA? Following Fly My Sky's unfortunate week (http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2013/01/bad-luck-for-island-airline.html) ZK-DLA has had its elevator removed to get ZK-PIY back in the air - it flew off the island yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, the incident brief noted that ZK-DLA encountered windshear while at 70 knots on short finals at Okiwi on the 24th of January. The pilot reported that the airspeed reduced rapidly and significantly, causing a heavy landing. Damage was caused to both landing gear oleos and one brake unit, with rippling found on the upper and lower skin of each wing.
So double bad luck for Fly My Sky which has a great safety record. Meanwhile the talk is that DLA will be eventually helicopted back to the mainland... that would be something to see!

ZK-DLA at Okiwi on 1 February 2013. In the background aptly registered Tecnam P92 Echo WTF!


  1. DLA appears to missing some significant parts already, is that to make PIY servicable at the other airstrip?

    I hope someone finds out how DLA will be repatriated back to the "mainland" for repairs, and when. It won't be the first time a BN2 has been strung under a helicopter in NZ. ZK-WNZ was airlifted from near Tauranga back in December 2006 using a Mil 8. Of course the Mil 8 no longer resides in NZ so not sure what heavy lift helicopter will do this job!

  2. Yes... apparently the parts were moved to get PIY airborne...
    And WNZ wasn't the first Islander under a helicopter... Stewart Island Air Services' BN2A ZK-IAS was hauled back to Invercargill under a Squirrel in 1980 (see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/04/nzs-southern-most-airline-pt-1-stewart.html)... I saw photos of it on the net once and have never been able to find them again :-(

  3. 6/4/93. FVD was rendered unflyable at Claris GBI. Not sure how it got back to the mainland.

  4. FVD slung under a lama