22 March 2013

Air North Herons

Allan Wooller has emailed me some great photos of Air North's Herons. Air North's family tree goes back to the Rotorua Aero Club's commercial operation, Rotorua Aerial Charter, and Geyserland Airways. Air North itself was established in 1972 and operated around the central North Island until 1978 when its name was changed to Nationwide Air. 

Masterton was not one of Air North's destinations but Ian captured de Havilland 114 Heron 1B ZK-BBM there in August 1977.

A rather sad de Havilland 114 Heron 1B ZK-EJM at Ardmore in October 1977. This is the result of the accident on the 9th of May 1977 at Ardmore. The aircraft had touched down far down the runway and swerved to the right when the left brake failed. It crossed a drainage ditch and came to rest with serious damage to the nose gear, propellers and both wings. Although the intention was to repair the aircraft, it lay derelict and was later broken up.

EJM's replacement was de Havilland 114 Heron 1B ZK-EKO seen here at Rotorua in November 1977.

A profile on the history of Air North can be found at :


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