26 March 2013

What ever happened to ZK-ECA a.k.a ZK-KVY

Maurice Collins sent in this picture of United Aviation's Beech 58 Baron ZK-KVY (c/n TH-553).  Maurice did his multi-engine rating in KVY with United Aviation.
About to depart for Wellington... Beech Baron ZK-KVY at Palmerston North on 25 August 1993.
ZK-KVY is a significant aircraft as it was Eagle Air's first twin engine aircraft, registered to them as ZK-ECA. For more on the early days of Eagle Air see  http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2013/01/eagle-airways-part-1-fledgling-eagle.html.

On an Eagle Air flight from Hamilton - ZK-ECA at Wanganui on 21 April 1985
ZK-ECA was with Eagle Air from March 1975 until the 18th of January 1988 when it was registered to Cook Islands airline Air Rarotonga. 

Photo taken at Ardmore.

After returning to New Zealand it was registered to Airport Services Ltd of Palmerston North on the 15th of July 1991. The following day it was re-registered as ZK-KVY.
ZK-KVY was cancelled from the register on 27 November 1997. But does anyone happen to know what happened to it???


  1. apparently carshed at turangi in march 96 acording to dave wise nz registar,hopes this helps

  2. opps crashed not carshed sorry its late

  3. Hi Rayner... Somehow, for me, a Beech Baron and Turangi don't seem to go together... Also, I can't find any record of an accident other than on Dave Wise's site. If the accident was such that the plane had to be written off there would be some record so I am a little suspicious of that being its fate.

  4. QW-GA Long HaulMarch 27, 2013 7:32 PM

    Perhaps putting a post on the Wings Over NZ forum may get you some answers?

  5. Maurice CollinsMarch 27, 2013 8:56 PM

    Actually that story rings some bells. I last saw KVY in pieces at the back of the United hangar at the liquidation tender auction in 1997.

  6. remember one of the reasons why united folded it didnt keep up with the paper work,student pilot bad weather put down in field overshot landing strip was in the local rag