16 August 2013

First the MA60 - Now the MA600 - Big Plans for Little Airline

Samoa Air, famous for its "pay by weight" fares, is looking to stretch its wings internationally. The airline began operations in June last year with domestic flights between Upolu and Savai’i islands. On the 8th of May 2013 it commenced flights from Fagali'i airfield (close to Apia) to Pago Pago in American Samoa. Samoa Air has now applied to operate from Samoa to the Cook Islands, Tonga and to Wallis Island in French Polynesia. Part of these plans include being involved in the certification of the Chinese MA600 which is the advanced version of the M60 which is currently creating a storm of controversy in Tonga

The Samoa Observer also reports that Samoa Air has also recently announced it intends to move into international jet operations commencing with flights to and from Brisbane and Auckland in June 2014. This is to be followed by Nadi and Honolulu in August when the current agreement concludes with Fiji Air says CEO of Samoa Air Chris Langton. “We are also looking seriously at a connection from Melbourne in Australia to Los Angeles via Faleolo to start in September 2014. “If this operation goes well then the next major connection would be from China, probably Shanghai, to Auckland via Faleolo. Aircraft would be combinations of Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft for the shorter hauls and Airbus A330-200 for the longer sectors to Los Angeles and to Shanghai.
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  1. I will believe that when i see it. Its good to see they have dreams and not brains!