02 January 2014

3rd Level NZ Projects for 2014

Happy New Year to all the readers of 3rd Level New Zealand...

I thought you might be interested in some of my upcoming research and posts...

Already lined up and ready to be post are the following which will be posted on the second Sunday of the months listed...

January – Air Nelson's Oamaru service
February – Kiwi West Aviation
March – Lakeair
April - Safe Air's freight service to Oamaru
May - South Island Airways
June – Skyferry

Ones that I still have to schedule are…

Sounds Air (written)
air2there (written)
Safe Air to the Chathams (written)
RNZAF to Chathams (well under way)
TEAL to Chathams (well under way)
South Flight (well under way)
Air Marlborough (well under way)
Air Tours Kaikoura (well under way)
Mount Cook Airlines - (1st part well under way) I'd like to do this to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Mount Cook flights to Queenstown

On the radar are

Air Nelson
Air Albatross
Air Travel (to complete the Hokitika series)
Trans Island Airways (to complete the Oamaru series)
NAC flights to the Chathams
Ansett to the Chathams

If you have any photos, stories, info, memorabilia on these I would love to hear from you... I am very grateful when I get scans of photos, timetables etc when people are happy to share their collections. The stories in particular give flesh to these histories. Also, you might have ideas for future posts.




  1. Awesome !! I am looking forward to the year ahead :) SAFE & Air Nelson were my two favourite airlines. Loving the new header pic by the way ;) Thanks for all your hard work over the last 12 months and to all those who submit info and pics for the posts.

  2. Speaking of projects....