19 January 2014

Planespotting in Milford Sound - Part 8

Based in Milford Sound is Milford Helicopters which operates two Squirrels... While there I had the opportunity to fly with Milford Helicopters in the AMAZING country they call home on 10 January 2014...

Eurocopter AS350 B3 Ecureuil ZK-ITY heading out on a scenic 

Mitre Peak as we take off
Mitre PEak on the left side of Milford Sound
The Lion on the right hand side of the Sound
Mitre Peak from another angle
Heading up the Harrison Valley...
...there are hanging valleys...
...and hidden lakes.
Lake Pukutahi (top left) and Lake Never-Never (below)
Up above the clouds, looking to a clagged in western coastline 
and coming into land on the Donne Glacier

My ride... Aerospatiale AS350 B2 Ecureuil ZK-HYM on the Donne Glacier

Looking down towards the Hollyford Valley
Coming up on Lake Iceberg

Lake McKerrow
The Hollyford Valley
Pilot Snow in his office on the right... Lake Adelaide coming up to the left of the passenger

Lake Adelaide

Landing near the Homer Tunnel... all the other passengers rejoined their bus here
Coming up to the Gertrude Saddle...
...the Black Lake on the saddle...
then looking down towards Milford Sound

Check this photo out carefully... see what's coming down the Sound???

The approach to Milford airport

This is what was coming down the Sound... the Celebrity Solstice cruise liner!

For more info on Milford Helicopters see - http://www.milfordhelicopters.com/


  1. Omigosh what a beautiful country!!!

  2. Great shots Steve, picked a nice day for a flight by the looks :)