27 April 2014

Airfield Memorabilia

Starting with current airport first...

A relic of a previous operator, still going strong
The memorial plaque of the airport which replaced...
Then over to Hapupu airfield...

. - the field being the only memorabilia- only a bird flying at the top of the photo
And before the airfield, Waikato Point...

 ...the flying boat base for the flying boat air service that operated from Wellington to the Chathams from 1946 to 1967

It was suggested to me the shed was the air service transport office
And finally Port Hutt... 

not an airport but it did give the name to the only other home grown Chatham Island airline, Port Hutt Air...  http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/06/ex-port-hutt-air-queen-air-for-chathams.html 


  1. The fish that was flown back to NZ in the queen air was processed at the factory next to the wharf shown in the rear of the photo of the Thomas Currell (old minesweeper which I believe was driven up on the shore on purpose). At low tide you can almost kick pauas off the rocks next to it! Yellowfin holdings that ran the aircraft also has a longliner that appears to be on its mooring from your pic,aptly named "Yellowfin"
    We always used to joke when they got WKA that it stood for white knuckle airlines. I spent many a trip home from the islands freezing cold jammed in the back next to polybins full of fish.
    I take it since you were ot that side of the island you saw the basalt colums and waitangi west?

  2. Thanks for this Luke... Got to Waitangi West... but couldn't get hold of the land owner to get down to the basalt columns... hopefully next time

  3. Hi Steve.
    Interesting postings from the Chats.
    The Thomas Currell was I believe used as a power source for the onshore factory.
    There used to be a floating diesel tank (The submarine) anchored a little further out which was topped up when the Holm ships called (Talking mid 1960's here).
    Enjoy your stay.