23 April 2014

Pitt Island Flyers...

 I hope to do a photo essay on the Pitt Island air service this weekend but in the meantime here are a couple of pics of the aircraft that fly the Chatham-Pitt Island air service.

Mainstay of the Chatham-Pitt Island air service is Cessna 206 ZK-KAI seen here at Chatham on 20 April 2014
Also out at Chatham at the moment is Britten Norman Islander ZK-LYP which came out to Chatham after returning for Tonga. It has only been used a few times, mainly to cover for ZK-KAI while it got a new engine fitted.


  1. Great shots Steve, nice to see the small titles on the BN2. Pity they can't get the aircraft to have the same scheme as KAI.

  2. We've been very busy at our new hangar recently and LYP only sat in Auckland for day. Give us time and I'm sure LYP will get some much needed colour.

  3. Great news about a repaint for LYP... I hear it is going to Pitt on Tuesday - unfortunately I fly out on Monday but I was pleased to get the pic I got... not the easiest getting the rego and titles!

  4. $64,000 question, light metal aside, I'm wondering what could possibly replace the Convair 580 in the future. Nice to,see these shots !!!