08 April 2014

The rebirth of Wairarapa Airlines???

Wairarapa could have its own airline up and running in a couple of months, all going according to plan. The potential backers of an airline are eyeing up a particulate aircraft they would like to purchase from the United States and they are finalising the business plan to make sure the figures stack up. David Borman and Colin Oldfield are leading a group of investors who would like to operate an airlines from Masterton’s Hood Aerodrome using a 34-seater Saab aircraft by Vincent Air. Mr Borman says they still working on the business plan and are drilling down to specific details, such as which plan to purchase and how much it will cost to operate per kilometre. Mr Borman says they would like to hear from Wairarapa people for ideas on what to call the airline, which will have Wairarapa written across it. They want the people to feel like it is their airline, he says. The Civil Aviation Authority has given the consortium the all clear- for operating the Saab 340 from the Hood airstrip. One of the aircraft being considered was an 18-setaer Metroliner, which would have required a runway extension estimated to cost the council $200,000.

Source : Wairarapa News, 26 March 2014

For more on the original Wairarapa Airlines see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/11/wairarapa-airlines-revisited.html

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