28 April 2015

End of Link - Westport farewells Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand subsidiary Eagle Air operated its final service into Westport this morning.  The final service was operated under the command of Captain Andrew Mercer and First Officer Jason McDonald in Beech 1900D ZK-EAN. It was ironic that the flight's captain head the same surname as the legendary Captain Bert Mercer who began air services on the West Coast in 1934. 13 passengers flew into Westport on Eagle flight NZ2587 while only 5 passengers flew out on the last flight, NZ2588. Just a handful of spectators came to watch the final flight which which ended 67 years of air services to Westport by the national carrier.

The last flight, NZ2587, arrives into Westport on 28 April 2015

The Eagle Air crew, Captain Andrew Mercer (left) and First Officer Jason McDonald (right) with Eagle Air's Westport ground staff
The sign greeting departing passengers...
Perhaps it should have read,
"Haere ra, departing regional New Zealand, Eagle Airways"
Now boarding... the final five passengers
The wave says it all

Air New Zealand departs Westport for the final time

...and ZK-EAN flies into history


  1. Excellent work Steve!

  2. The fact that a miserly five passengers boarded the departing flight only but vindicates Air New Zealand's decision to pull out.

    It will indeed be interesting to track the passenger counts over the next few weeks.

  3. But even with only 5 passengers on the flight, Air NZ still wanted $249 for WSZ-WLG this morning. 5 pax on the new Pilatus service should be OK (quote ok). Agreed Air NZ were vindicated with dropping Westport, but all the best to Sounds Air!!

  4. where are these old air nz aircraft heading ?

  5. I believe the last few went to South Africa