19 April 2015

Sunday Flying at Fielding

Driving down to Palmerston North today (19 April 2015) I called in at Fielding and got a few new pics

On glider towing duties was Piper PA25 Pawnee ZK-CIG
Out of the hangar for a photo opportunity was North American Harvard ZK-ENB
A new one for me was Zenith Zodiac CH 650-UL ZK-LMG 
Don't assume it will be going flying...  Another new one, X-Air Hanuman ZK-MMC being put back in the hangar
Rans S-9 Chaos - ZK-KOS I think??? Is this right??? 
An against the sun photo of Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-PAJ
Skyfox CA25N Gazelle ZK-PNB was another new pic for me
Meteor S.p.A Sky Arrow 480T ZK-SKO taxiing back in after a local flight


  1. ZK-KOS is correct

  2. Fielding airfield always worth visiting .not visited week days though .

  3. the town Fielding is actually spelt Feilding.