08 April 2015

Kiwi Regional start up continues

The man behind the airline set to open regional routes from Dunedin to Queenstown and Nelson says he is ''absolutely'' confident his idea will fly, as a Dunedin-based aviation industry veteran yesterday joined his management team. Kiwi Regional Airlines chief executive Ewan Wilson announced Peter Ashford, a former Royal Air Force instrument maintenance electrical engineer and Civil Aviation Authority airworthiness inspector, had joined the airline's executive. In February, Kiwi Regional Airlines announced its plans to start a service with regional routes across New Zealand. Mr Wilson, who was behind the failed Kiwi Air which collapsed in 1996 after intense competition, said the latest venture would own its planes, and take advantage of routes Air New Zealand was pulling out of. Yesterday, he said the initiative was making steady progress and he was still confident his planes would be taking off from New Zealand runways soon. ''Absolutely. 'We would certainly not be going through the process of appointing our senior staff if we were not expecting to get airborne by the end of this year, or early next year.'' The airline had been recruiting senior staff, with Mr Ashford the first public confirmation. ''We're about to announce the maintenance controller, then we will announce the flight operations manager, then that is our senior executive team, with me included.'' That team would meet regulators at a pre-certification meeting on May 27. Usually, the regulatory process to get an air operating certificate took up to four months. ''The money's there in terms of the certification - and we're progressing forward. None of these things are rushed. The recruitment process - because these roles for senior persons are subject to CAA approval - we just have to make sure we get the right people in.'' Mr Ashford has been appointed the airline's quality assurance and safety management systems manager. Mr Ashford would be responsible for all safety and quality assurance procedures, and fulfilling safety-related legal requirements for the airline. He had extensive airline management experience in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, and an aviation employment history spanning more than 30 years.


  1. I just can't see the CAA approving Ewan as a 'Fit and Proper Person' to be the CEO (as far as the Air Operators Certificate is concerned). It would frankly make a mockery of the system if they approve someone to be the CEO who has been convicted of fraud and corner cutting during an earlier instance when they ran an aviation company!

  2. The Saab 340A will have all kinds of restrictions out of ZQN. Not even beginning to mention the winter curfew!

    3 Saabs spread over such a broad distance. 1 there's going to be an issue with all sectors demanding peak travel connections and 2, operational issues that crop up will be a nightmare for customers and staff.

    HLZ is a terrible base for an airline. It is so often fog bound and demand can be all over the shop. This would have dramatic effect on a 3 aircraft fleet meaning OTP will be a major issue for KRA- they same issue JQ has had since it began in NZ.

    As for the public response from 'KRA' to a question on their Facebook page. They say they are interested in WSZ. Is this just empty well wishing or do they somehow believe a 340 will somehow be viable into a port with next to nip demand and challenging weather conditions.

    It just seems this idea has been poorly conceived, poorly announced, terrible PR and is doomed to have OTP issues with the current plans.

    1. Once Bitten...twice shy !!!