23 September 2015

Boeing, Boeing, Gone - 2

This post is taken from the January 1967 NAC staff magazine Skylines.

It is a reminder of the "buy British" debate... We needed to support the Empire. The airline fought an even fiercer political battle in the mid-1960s over the choice of a jet aircraft for the main trunk route. Issues of access to the British market for primary produce cut across the airline’s firm preference for the American Boeing 737. Confident in its judgement after the success of the Fokker Friendship, the airline held its ground against pressure for the British BAC 1-11. The jet age in domestic services began in 1968 with the delivery of the first Boeing. The airline’s choice was again confirmed by the spectacular longevity of the Boeing 737 series - http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/aviation/page-8

48 years on we need to be loyal and keep the Union Jack on our flag


  1. Hi Steve,
    That is a very interesting article the comparison of the 737 and the 1-11. It shows that the 737 was the right choice for NAC in so many different ways. Thanks for posting it on here.

  2. Steve:

    Great articles on the NAC 737 order. I always find these sales stories so interesting! Sadly most remain lost to history.......Thanks!!