15 September 2015

More Aerocare Jobs from Jetstar Expansion

Up to 16 new airport ground operations jobs are set for Nelson as airline Jetstar takes to the region's skies. The jobs will be in managing ground operations at the airport, which will be operated through ground handling company Aerocare. Initial recruiting stages will begin this week, with Aerocare set to employ between 12 and 16 staff in The Nelson region. There will be a mix of full-time and part-time positions. Jetstar, who recently announced Nelson would be one of its four new regional destinations, commences a Nelson to Auckland service on December 1. A Nelson to Wellington route is projected to start on February 1 2016. Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce chief executive Dot Kettle said the announcement was a sign of good things to come with Jetstar's arrival in the region. "I understand a part of Jetstar's aspirations for the region is to grow the market, and creating jobs is the first steps to doing this," she said. "[Where there] is the opportunity to employ local people - this will stimulate economic growth." Up to 80 new positions in total will be available in the airline's four new destinations - Nelson, Napier, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. The positions include customer service agents in charge of check-in and boarding, and ramp staff who will manage aircraft and baggage handling. Senior positions will also be available. Aerocare currently manages ground handling for Jetstar's services out of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. Aerocare New Zealand chief executive officer Jason Gray said the the new services would involve a $1.8 million investment in new equipment to support Jetstar. "We're looking forward to working with Jetstar to ensure a successful entry into these new markets," he said. Jetstar head of New Zealand Grant Kerr said the expansion of Aerocare's services for Jetstar would further develop the relationship between the two companies. The new regional ground handling roles in Nelson and Napier will be advertised this week with recruiting in October and training in November. The company is now taking expressions of interest on its website for all regional roles.


  1. Let's keep this in perspective, it's 16 jobs.
    Air NZ employs over 300 people in Nelson. Flight crews, ground staff, operations and engineers. It would be sad to see this $20million per annum in wages disappear from Nelson in the future if excessive and aggressive competition from this foreign owned behemoth became such that to achieve further economies of scale the base was scrapped.

    Competition in markets that cannot sustain multiple operatirs can do more long term damage than good.

    1. I agree with what you are saying, but this is the industry. If the market reacts well to cheap fares on Jetstar Q300s, then they will continue to expand. If that results in a loss of jobs with Air New Zealand, then that is the game. You have included a lot of engineers, flight crew, FAs etc. in that number which does not show that they are better than Jetstar, they just happen to be basing all of their staff in Auckland.

      Don't hate the players Anonymous, hate the game.