20 September 2015

More of PLT in service

The photos below are from Sounds Air's Facebook page recording the first day of Sounds Air's Pilatus PC-12 ZK-PLT at Taupo. Love the second photo... PLT looks stunning...

Sounds Air managing director Andrew Crawford loves operating his air service in Taupo and says he's here to stay. The air carrier began operating on the Taupo-Wellington route in June this year and this week began flying its new plane on the route. Air New Zealand pulled out of the route in April. The new plane carries the Great Lake Taupo logo to advertise its home. Air New Zealand's departure left an obvious gap that we had the right aircraft and capability to fill. It was the perfect fit for our company' Mr Crawford said. The council has a six-year agreement with Sounds Air to provide at least three return flights on each week day and two return flights on Saturdays and Sundays. If the average number of seats per flight per week is less than three, the council will pay the difference in the cost per seat. the support for the air service has meant that there has been no cost to council since Sounds Air launched its operation in the district. Mr Crawford said passenger numbers were still growing, even over the winter months. 'Starting a new service is always a challenge but the feedback we are getting has been astounding and word of mouth is proving to be our greatest asset.- he said. "Once people fly on our aircraft and experience our level of service, we have clients for life."

Source : Taupo Times, 18 September 2015

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