04 January 2016

Happy New Year Air NZ

Arriving into Hamilton last night was Air New Zealand's newest ATR-72-600 ZK-MVI. It's final sector was flown yesterday from Brisbane-Hamilton 

The newest ATR 72 on the block at Hamilton on 4 January 2016... first photo for 2016!


  1. Is this the 9th -600 or the 2nd of the 15 new ones?

    According to Air NZ, Mt cook has already 7 -600's plus the one that arrived on 24 Dec 15?

  2. Why is Hamilton the arrival point for this new fleet? Is Eagle doing the com missing work?

    1. Eagle doing the induction work is the wrong way to look at it. A new entity now exists called Air New Zealand Regional Maintenance where the separation of Cook/Nelson/Eagle doesn't really exist. These frames have been allocated to the Hamilton hangar because they had the capacity to do the work.