07 January 2016

Photographer Photographed

Operated by Kiwi Air on aerial photography work is Cessna 402 ZK-SVQ which I photographed on 4 January 2016.
I caught at Taupo a couple of years earlier in its Australian registration VH-SVQ on 28 December 2014

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  1. What is Kiwi Air's current fleet? They used to be very busy with 750XLs and Crescos across the world doing survey. That seemed to shrink and some of the XLs got converted to the FALCO fertiliser version I believe. NZ Aerial Mapping went under shortly after which really showed that survey work had shrunk considerably. Kiwi Air's F406 ZK-CEC/XLE left NZ but is that back now? And now they seem to have this aircraft from AAM Australia. Interestingly they have left the titles which indicates that it might be on lease?