25 January 2016

Sunair Adds Navajo to Fleet

Ahead of Sunair's launch of services from North Shore to Hamilton, Tauranga and Rotorua next month the company has added Piper Navajo ZK-JGA to its fleet.

Piper Navajo ZK-JGA outside Sunair's hangar at Tauranga on 24 January 2016

Sunair have previously operated one another Navajo, ZK-FIL and a larger Piper Chieftain, ZK-KAP.

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  1. What, something that's not a Aztec! Someone has opened the wallet... Well done

  2. How will it work if North Shore Air couldn't make same route work in same aircraft?

    Where will they land when the weather is not VFR at North Shore?

  3. Hopefully it will work, maybe??????? But.......
    North Shore's runway length reduces at night
    (182 meters), would night ops (winter?) in a Navajo be a bit tough?
    Load carrying capability with the runway dimensions... will they be able to fill all the seats and get airborne? Or will the load be the same as an Aztec in which case why not use one.
    I wonder if these issues affected North Shore Air???

  4. I guess when it not VFR they will go IFR and fly the published RNAV approach......?

    Also why wouldn't they used an Aztec on this route. I'm sure North Shore wont be the sole domain of JGA, it does give them the ability to adjust capacity on all of their routes.

  5. Do Barrier Air have any issues using there Navajo's in and out of North Shore?

    1. Had a prop pick up a nice big rock the other day.

  6. Yes. Limited to 6 pax roughly, challenging in the afternoon heat. If you have seen it take off on 03 at NE you can see the issues