17 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #14

Now ATR 72s and Bombardier Q300s offer Auckland-Tauranga services. In 1992 this was the domain of Eagle Air's Embraer Bandeirantes. Now both Eagle Air and the Bandits have gone. ZK-KIP at Tauranga on 23 January 1992.

For a full history of Eagle Air see:


  1. By far my favorite ever NZ airline. My father used to fly the bandits.

  2. Mount Cook are not currently servicing Tauranga.
    Only Air Nelson flies the 3 routes. This may change again if demand increases.

    The Auckland route was recently aligned with the same number of frequencies as other main regional centres, NPE, NPL, PMR and NSN. 8 returns a day.
    A large proportion of people using this short flight is connecting traffic.

    1. Are you sure about that? I flew in an ATR in December Wellington to Tauranga

    2. The original poster has slightly jumped the gun.
      Mount Cook will stop flying to TRG from Feb 6.

      Currently there is one ATR return WLG-TRG-WLG on weekday mornings. This change will result in there being to 4 Q300 returns a day.

      CHC-TRG changed to 3 Q300 returns a day at the end of November.

      The AKL-TRG route remains the busiest because of the high number of international connections.

      ATRs could be used again if demand increases and at short notice, as a swap due engineering or swap due to Q300 capacity being better suited to flying elsewhere.

      For the current terminal size, the slightly smaller Q300s mean smaller concentrations of passengers at a time.

    3. Mount Cook stop flying into TRG on Friday 3rd March. Everything else you said is correct

  3. Back when Tauranga was a quiet place with the bandits and the Saabs and Rotorua was where it was all happening... Interesting how times have changed

  4. TRG currently doesn't do ATR services to Auckland it's only Q300s. I enjoyed the rest of the blog tho on Eagle Air History

  5. Managed to catch the end of the Bantam/Metro and Saab era. Small airport and free parking. Sit out front and even picnic tables on the roadside lawn.
    Used to be a flight to Hamilton if you looked for it...real cheap.