07 January 2017

Heading north - Ardmore...

Heading up to the Bay of Islands for work today I did a little plane spotting... At Ardmore I was hoping to see FlyStark's new Airvan but it was nowhere to be seen. However I was pleased to see FlightHauraki in action... no sign of their Navajo ZK-JGA...

Out on mission today were Cessna 172 ZK-MDV...

...and Cessna 207 ZK-MDZ

A history of FlightHauraki can be found here

Not FlightHauraki but Cessna 206 was about. All photos taken on 7 January 2017


  1. Hi Steve, I thought I spied you hopping in your car today. JGA is currently stripped out receiving a new interior after having company titles applied. It'll be ready to work end of Jan.

  2. I didn't see anyone I knew... Looking forward to see JGA in the air again - a favourite of mine!

  3. I saw a FlyStark Airvan in WRE on boxing day. Landed and met a new type Eurocopter in which the passengers quickly transferred to. It then headed off in the direction of the new Helena Bay lodge. Perhaps they're doing transfers for some high end clients? It was all very mysterious and I wasn't able to ID either of the aircraft because I was at the opposite end of the airport.