13 January 2017

Originair Update

When Originair got airborne again in September it was announced that Originair would be working with air2there on Nelson to Palmerston North services until Jetstream operations commence.

Since then air2there have been using Piper Chieftain ZK-VIP and Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-MYH to operate the Originair service to Palmerston North. Meanwhile Originair have advertised air2there's Nelson-Paraparaumu service on their Facebook page...

According to the aircraft register, ownership of Originair's BAe Jetstream ZK-JSH was passed over to air2there in December 2016.

Originair currently operate four flights a week between Nelson and Palmerston North.


  1. Never saw MYS flying the service... only VIP

    1. Yep correct, VIP has been running the services not MYS. Last I heard MYS is sitting at fielding

  2. Updated... thanks for the correction

  3. So it looks like Air 2 there will continue to run the flights but use the Jetstream in the Origin livery. Maybe it's cheaper to piggy back with another airline*s AOC than to set up their own one.