13 February 2018

Increased Blenheim Frequency

Starting Monday 19 February, Sounds Air will be offering new flights on their Wellington - Blenheim route. The new flights will operate Monday to Thursday with flights leaving Wellington for Blenheim at 12:45pm and leaving Blenheim for Wellington at 1.45pm.


  1. So we know where the Kaikoura aircraft will be utilised now.

  2. Not necessarily - The Kaikoura flight originated at and returned to Blenheim... These flights originate at and return to Wellington

  3. Not necessarily Steve, I'd say the 1245 is where the morn crew swap with the arvo crew (as most BHE WLG flights actually originate from BHE as far as crew are concerned, exceptions being at peak times with increased services being the Welly crews after/before doing a PCN or NSN run).