11 March 2018

CIZ getting ready for service

One of Air Chathams' new Saab 340s ZK-CIZ is clearly getting ready for service...
CIZ was photographed at Auckland on 11 March 2018 


  1. Will look good carrying full loadings all day to and from PPQ

  2. And WAG/WLG/WLG as part of the AKL/WAG/AKL services.

  3. How about AKL-WAG-CHC-WAG-AKL and AKL-PPQ-CHC-PPQ-AKL... a lesser frequency on the CHC sectors than AKL

    1. I agree with you regarding the AKL-PPQ-CHC-PPQ-AKL. It can be done with 1 aircraft at least one return flight or possibility two on a daily basis for both leisure and business travelers. You could add AKL-PPQ-AKL to that daily aircraft's rotation for the business traveler.

      AKL-WAG-CHC-WAG-AKL is possibility but it would be mainly for leisure travelers.

      I still think AKL-WAG-WLG-WAG-AKL is a better option for both business, political and leisure travelers.

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    3. That would be interesting. Does Air Chats have that magic touch that Sounds air and Eagle air/Air Nelson didn't......? Regarding Wag-Wel??? Eagle and air Nelson did use to fly 3 a day between Wag and Wel with the metro/beech. Be interesting what loadings they had that justified the three weekday flights.
      Another one..... Masterton..... Vincent and it's Saab proposal before Vincent went into receivership.... Air Chats now has a extra Saab.... What do you think Kris and Steve???? When Eagle had the right schedule. Masterton was doing reasonably well before the beeches had their wing issues then after that. They changed the scheduling and it never really worked. Three real good north island candidates.... a possible Whakatane to Wellington route and a possible Whangarie Wellington route along with Auckland to Hamilton route that Eagle dropped that still hasn't been picked up.
      Sounds air can possibly pick up Wanaka Te Anau... Really looks like Sounds is focusing on the lower north south island apart from Taupo and Air Chats has the North Island covered exception Taupo

  4. fras444 - Why Air Chathams is different, they have a range of twin engine turbo prop aircraft ranging from 19 to 50 seats giving them 'mix n match' flexibility to operate in and out regions of 60,000 or less, which is not economically viable to Air NZ, making them in essence, at this stage, NZ's only 2nd level regional carrier.

    Since the 5 Convairs are heavily committed to freight and passenger services between NZ and Chathams Islands and charter work in NZ, with 3 Saabs and 4 Metroliners, it will allows them to develop regional passenger air services even at this stage, only in the North Island.

    With the success of the AKL-WAG-AKL Saab services, using the Saabs for AKL-WAG-WLG-WAG-AKL or WHK-AKL-WAG-WLG-WAG-AKL-WHK, AKL-PPQ-CHC-PPQ-AKL and the Metroliners for AKL-MRO-AKL and the Saabs/Metorliners for AKL/WHK/AKL backed up with the DC3 on AKL-WHK-AKL route, it could work for them.

    Despite being a bit noisy inside the cabin, passengers like the Saabs, mainly because it has a Flight Attendant. There is alot of people including myself, don't like Metroliners because they have a claustrophobic feel to them.

    With regards to Soundsair, they are a shrewd operator and have a knack to pick routes that meet their business and financial models and do well out of them. Their problem is, they use single engine aircraft and despite having an excellent safety record, there alot of travelers out there including myself, don't like flying on a single aircraft. If Soundsair does decide to get the 1900's, Paraparaumu could work for them for PPQ-BHE-CHC-BHE-PPQ, WLG-NSN-WLG, and WLG-BHE-CHC-BHE-WLG. Judging from the comments on Stuff.co.nz, using the 1900's between PPQ-AKL-PPQ might not work for them.

    I would like to see Air Chathams and Soundsair and possibly Originair to work more closely together to start to create a more co-ordinated regional air network using more co-share flights.

  5. I'm with Fras444... No has got managed to get WAG-WLG to work... My guess is people flying from WAG to CHC drive to PMR... Now that Air Chats has got people flying WAG-AKL it shouldn't be too difficult to get people to do WAG-CHC... even if it is only for the leisure market.

    Can't see Air Chats picking up MRO at this stage if they pick up PPQ... They will need time to grow their passenger market.

    At the moment Air Chats have 5 Convairs... CIB for the Chathams run, KFH and KFL for air freight. CIE and CIF are in passenger configuration for prime time WAG and a tourist/charter work. So there is a little flexibility there.

    Given the lack of announcement from Air Chathams I suspect Air NZ just pulled the plug without any consultation with Air Chats... It means people will tend to rebook on Air NZ rather than any new carrier... Of course, they could book on Jetstar instead out of PMR or WLG

  6. Air Chathams know exactly what's going on, and have done. I'm sure an announcement will be made by the end of the week..

  7. They would not have bought two Saabs for no reason. They had a heads up this was going to happen!