18 March 2018

Whitianga Commuter Service

On the 14th of March this appeared on the FlyStark Facebook page...

Calling all weekly commuters!!! We are looking at putting on a service Whitianga to Ardmore on a Monday morning returning on a Friday afternoon - if this sounds of interest to you please email -info@flystark.com -

“Why drive when you can FLY”

Then on Friday the 16th  the following appeared...

Thank you all so much for your interest in flying from Whitianga to Ardmore on a Monday morning, and then returning on Friday afternoon. For this to be feasible for us we can only fly if we have a minimum of 4 people. So what we are suggesting is the Thursday prior to the Monday flight all bookings have to be in to info@flystark.com and if we get 4 or more people then the following weeks flight will go ahead.

Flight info:

Mondays flight departs Whitianga @ 7.15am
Friday’s flight departs Ardmore @ 4.30pm

Flight time is 25 MINUTES!!!!

$150 each way.
Mobile number, weight and luggage weight required at time of booking.
*email booking required Thursday prior.
A free shuttle service to the Papakura train station included in the price



  1. Hey Steve, in case you missed it - Rotorua Airports Facebook page has a post saying that ROT has regained it's overnighting service from Wellington. More details in the post :)