08 March 2018

Sunair - Six Months On

Today mark 6 months since Sunair Aviation was grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority with the company's Air Operator Certificate suspended along with the Certificate of Airworthiness for the Sunair fleet on the 8th of September 2017. This was the airline's second grounding in nine months.

From what I understand Sunair are still hoping to get airborne again.

What I would like to know, is have they been giving a fair deal? Is CAA working with the airline, and other operators for that matter, or is it being just the regulator that doesn't consider the implications of its actions? The airline industry needs a regulator that understands the viability of small operators without compromising aviation safety. These, of course, are speculative questions that I am sure will come out in the wash when Sunair's future or fate is finally made known.

In the meantime, I really lament the loss of the Gisborne service. One wonders when and if another operator might step up? The contenders, as I see it, are Air Gisborne (it's a pity they no longer have their Senecas), Air Napier (who do have Seneca's and a Navajo), and Kiwi Air who would probably need to invest in another aircraft type.   

In the meantime it's a five hour drive for me - or even more like last time when I had to come home via Napier with the Gorge closed

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