22 September 2021

Busy Airlines - Sunair


This on Sunair's Facebook page today... Whangarei, you have been one popular destination these past few weeks and we are loving it! A quick tip for those looking to fly to and from Whangarei over the next few weeks...if you are booking a flight online with us our system is set up to take a booking even if we might have that flight time already fully booked. Your booking request comes through to our head office and we will give you a call to finalise the details. With Auckland being under heavy restrictions our demand for flights has gone through the roof and as such, flights are booking fast. The good news is we are adding more flights to the schedule but these aren't viewable on our online booking system. If you're worried about securing a particular time or date, give us a call on 0800 786 247 and we can give you up to date information.

Way to go Sunair! 

From Sunair's Facebook page today

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