26 September 2021

Out and about in ZK-NPA

Thanks Mike for a great flight yesterday...

My ride for the day... Cessna 172 ZK-NPA at Hamilton on 25 September 2021

Rolling 18 Left at Hamilton
The mighty Waikato River

Cambridge is growing so fast...


Coming up on Matamata

Joining left base for 28 at Matamata
Finals 28 for a touch and go

Off the top of your head, what are the five airlines that served Matamata???
Mount Te Aroha
Finals 23 at Te Kowhai for a touch and go
Douglas DC-3 ZK-AZL

We've had a wet month... the meandering Waipa River


  1. Thanks for the photos of Matatmata Steve. I took my first ever flight from Matamata in the late 60's. It was in a 2 seater glider. I was in the air for about 25 mins, experiencing some amazing thermals. Something I've never forgotten.