27 December 2021

Air Kaikoura Offering Summertime KBZ-WLG Flights


Air Kaikoura has resumed flights between Kaikoura and Wellington. The flights are again being offered on Fridays and Sundays on various weekends in December and January. Flights depart Kaikoura to Wellington at 14.00 and return Wellington to Kaikoura at 16.00.

Air Kaikoura flies under visual flight rules. The operator will reschedule a delayed flight for either later the same day or early the next day if at all possible; if not possible to successfully reschedule due weather, Air Kaikoura will refund airfare in full.  

The Wellington terminus for the flights is at the Aero Club.




  1. Wouldn't be cool if Air Kaikoura commenced a BHE-KBZ route with a Gippsland Airvan alongisde a CHC-KBZ route with a Cessna 172 Skyhawk?

  2. No money in either route... 2 hours to Blenheim by car.... a little more to Christchurch... why fly when you can very easily drive

    1. Exactly that is similar to why the Mainland Air CHC to OAM failed it's an easy 3 hour drive