06 December 2021

We're so happy to be back...

"We're so happy to be back," First Officer Brian told his and Captain Sarah's 17 passengers on Originair's first flight since the last lockdown out of Hamilton this morning. And it was clear that the regulars on the flight were happy for Originair to be back with an obvious relationship with the crew. 

Originair resumed it's Hamilton services last evening with BAe Jetstream 32 ZK-JSK operating OG 265 from Nelson to Hamilton. 

BAe Jetstream 32 ZK-JSK being readied for its morning flight at Hamilton on 6 December 2021

Ready for start

After holding for the ATR we back track for 36

Airborne Hamilton

Matangi road... I was pounding that road about 5.15am to clock up by 100th consecutive day of 10,000 steps

Matangi village... one of my walking destinations and home of the BEST fish and chip shop

Good bye Hamilton

The only sunshine today was above the clouds

From the flight deck - "it's a faily average day in Palmy" 

Finals with a glimpse of the city

Good morning Palmerston North

ZK-JSK's immaculate cabin

After refuelling ZK-JSK headed off from Palmerston North to Nelson as ZK-JSJ arrived from Nelson


  1. Awesome Origin blog Steve glad they are in service again hopefully will see more routes for them next year

  2. The important question we don't have the answer to are they profitable.